The event, titled ‘The Brain: Do We Know It?’ took place on Tuesday, 13th of November, at 7:30pm in the Mercantile Bar, Dame Street, Dublin, as part of the Alchemist Cafe.

The event sought to challenge the definition of Alzheimers, with Dr. Kate Irving arguing the provocative position that lifestyle factors – stress, obsesity, smoking, etc. – may play an important role in determining the risk of dementia.

Link to The Irish Times Article discussing the event: here.

Dr. Irving’s main contribution begins around the 52 minute mark.  Extract Below:


Dr. Arlene Egan, psychology coach, Building2Think
Prof. Orla Hardiman, consultant neurologist at Beaumont Hospital and Professor of Neurology at TCD
Dr. Kate Irving-Lupton, lecturer in mental health nursing at DCU

Developments in the neurosciences have made the brain a central concern of much biomedical inquiry. Figuring out the neural processes that govern consciousness is, for some, one of the last frontiers of scientific research. But for an increasingly ageing population there are more mundane concerns about slowing or halting the brain’s decline. In this science café three experts will offer differing perspectives on our current understanding of the brain and how it functions. They will explore how well we understand the brain and how we can treat its many disorders most effectively, how we can arrest the brain’s decline in ageing and how we can improve the brain’s performance for particular purposes.
These and related questions will be explored in conversations between the panellists and with the audience. Questions and contributions are always welcome, and no question is invalid.

Date: 13th November 2012, 7.30pm
Venue: Mercantile Bar, Dame Street, Dublin 2
Camera: Marek Bogacki
Produced by DOCUMENTAVI 2012