In-MINDD will:

i.         develop and validate online tools to help doctors assess if an individual’s lifestyle supports long term brain health;

ii.         generate personal strategies for adopting a brain healthy lifestyle and

iii.         provide on-line supports to help people in midlife implement and adhere to positive change.

The work of the project is enhanced by extensive communications and awareness raising.

In more detail, the project will:

  • Combine a comprehensive literature review andthe opinions of international dementia experts (in a Delphi study) to help identify the most accurate model of modifiable risk factors which can yield a personalised dementia risk profile.
  • Validate this model against the large population-based prospectiveMaastrichtAging Study (MAAS) dataset.
  • Implement the model as an online tool for individualised assessment of lifestyle in terms of long term brain health – users interact with the tool (supported by their doctor or primary care nurse), providing data which feeds the model, the tool then produces an assessment and a personalised strategy focused on the adoption of a brain healthy lifestyle.
  • Support adherence to the personalised strategy devised through online support environments.
  • Validate the tools and environment in clinical settings with substantial patient cohorts in a study designed to test the feasibility of the approach.
  • Communicate the message that dementia risk can be modified and a healthy lifestyle supports long term brain health to a wide audience, including the general public, doctors, nurses and other health professionals.”


A brief video about In-MINDD, the on-line profiler and support environment.